About Us

As a kid I played softball, and a lot of baseball at the local sandlot and had my trusty ball glove with me for a long time.  Over the years the amount of ball I played started to get less and less but 30 years later, my youngest daughter started to play softball and it rekindled my love for the game.  My trusty glove was a bit small for me to use and it was time for a new glove and put the old one in the closet.

Being excited about ball again and having nephews that are involved with the game I was looking for baseball themed Christmas gifts and found wallets, keychains and watch straps made from repurposed baseball gloves.  I fell in love with them and made a few prototypes, showed a few people and they were as excited as I was.  I now had something to do with my trusty old baseball glove, and it is one of the first wallets I made for myself.

I love the look of the leather lacing on baseball gloves...it screams baseball to me.  The lacing on first baseman and catchers gloves inspired our unique look.

With encouragement from family and friends I started this little shop to help bring back the memories of my baseball youth and hopefully yours.

I hope you like the product and feel free to contact us to ask about the product or let us know what you think.