3 Up 3 Down Leather

We transform old baseball gloves into everyday leather goods that bring back your baseball and softball memories.
See our starting line-up of leather goods, or have your old glove made into something .


Got this cool wallet made from a vintage baseball glove. Thank you, I love it . Thank you @3up3downleather

Landon B

At the ballgame (Dodgers vs. Rockies) with my trusty wallet from @3up3downleather

Kevin N

My cigars fit perfectly in my case.  I get a lot of compliments on it.

L. Browning

3up3down Leather is making some cool cigar cases out of vintage baseball gloves.  Check them out, great conversation pieces.  Thanks Tim

Jack T

Our product inspiration

I love the look of the first base and catchers gloves.

How the lace wraps around the glove holding the front and back of the glove together.

This was the inspiration for the original wallets that I made and, for most of the products that followed.

See our Starting Line-up
Repurposed Baseball Glove

A brief Baseball Glove History

At 3 Up 3 Down Leather we hand make leather goods from previously loved baseball gloves.
Relive your baseball and softball youth everytime you take out your wallet, hold your keys or check the time.
Each previously enjoyed baseball glove has its own character, making each item unique.
The perfect gift for the baseball and softball fan, young or young at heart.